The Mortgage Club…opportunity of lifetime!

The word mortgage is a Law French term meaning “dead pledge,” apparently meaning that the pledge ends (dies) either when the obligation is fulfilled or the property is taken through foreclosure.

We have all seen the staggering amount we will pay back over our lifetime to satisfy our mortgage and have all had that feeling that we will be dead before it happens…or that the mortgage will be our death!  Well the Mortgage Club has been founded in 2011 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a way to free us from the burdens of our mortgages and put the mortgage itself to death.

Everyone would love to be free of their mortgage!  Most people would love to put a match to their mortgage!  Well we have figured out a way to do just that!!

The Mortgage Club will be a group of entrepreneurial individuals whose goal is to eliminate the mortgage.  We will work together via a unique marketing plan instituted as a separate no-cost home-based business for each participant.  Participants will have one common goal….death to the mortgage!!

The Mortgage Club will have “mortgage burning ceremonies” starting in 2011.  A simple monthly get together of folks with a common goal and a common means of achieving it.  We will introduce new members, provide training in how to succeed in funding our common objectives, and celebrate a good time.  At the end of the year, we hope to culminate the year with a ceremony in which we will be able to torch the mortgages of many of our older members, together in celebration with many of our younger members who may never have to know the pain of the mortgage!!!

Today’s economic climate and the cause of the resulting gloom is the inspiration for our club.  The mortgage industry caused the housing industry to suffer catastrophic losses, with both nearly collapsing as they have brought our investment industry to its knees as well.  And to add insult to injury, it has become increasingly more costly just to continue to occupy our homes, with real estate taxes, and electric and gas prices escalating all at the same time.  Well we have figured out a way to use those same annoying monthly utility bills to earn us sufficient income to pay off our mortgages and put to death the cause of our economic despair, the mortgage industry!

The Mortgage Club is designed to take advantage of the deregulation of the electricity and natural gas industries.  Our plan is to unite the masses of mortgagees to bond together in the creation of our own energy network and through the power of the referral to not only effectively reduce our personal energy costs, but to eliminate them.  The next goal is to apply those monthly savings to our mortgages and apply the additional money earned from the referrals of our energy network against our mortgage balances as well.  Monthly interest will be reduced and more of each payment will go toward the principal.  The power of the referral will earn our way to mortgage independence, a truly just reversal of the economic situation caused by the mortgage industry that has led to so much hardship for so many in our community.  All the while, our Mortgage Club will provide us with an enjoyable monthly social event.

Does our earnings from energy deregulation need to be applied in this manner?  No.  Can we profit from Energy Deregulation without having a mortgageAbsolutely.  But does payoff of our mortgages with our earnings provide us with a steadfast goal for our efforts to profit from Energy Deregulation?  Yes.  With the economic environment such as it is and our homes at risk due to the “dead pledges” of our mortgages, while bank CDs pay less than a 1% return and investments in the stock market suffer huge losses daily, what better way to achieve financial stability and work toward financial independence than by cutting out the biggest cost of occupancy of our homes, our electric and gas bills, and then to use our earnings to reduce debt and thus interest and then to achieve our individual goal, death of our mortgage, and our common goal, financial independence!

Check out one of our Affinity Plans for participation in Energy Deregulation by visiting the sites on the blogroll of this site to learn more about Energy Deregulation.  Contact us to learn just how easy it is do participate and how the power of the referral can make Energy Deregulation work for you in a substantial enough way to achieve a goal as significant as the death of your mortgage.  Participation in our Affinity Plan is FREE.  No hidden costs.  You WILL save on your utility bills.  You WILL be able to reduce your cost of energy and work toward FREE energy… and if you get serious about Energy Deregulation, you can accomplish the goal of the Mortgage Club, death to the mortgage!


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