Joining an energy buying club….

What is an Energy Buying Club?  A buying club is a group of participants who pool their resources [such as time and buying power] to reduce their costs for the purchase of goods or services.  These club participants share the work and expenses involved in acquiring and distributing these goods to their club. Because each participant contributes resources to the buying club, the collective efforts of the club serves to benefit each participant. When participants can divide the work equally among themselves without incurring additional costs, the result will be the trading of their time for the lower prices gained through the collective purchases, and the participants will enjoy the camaraderie of working with other people in their community.

An Energy Buying Club is a buying club created merely to pool the buying power of its members in order to reduce the energy costs of its members.  A Green Energy Buying Club is an energy buying club that promotes and benefits from the purchase of Renewable Energy, also known as Green Energy.

Why join or create a Green Energy Buying Club?  In addition to being able to reduce your energy costs and supplement your personal income, there are many other reasons to start or join an energy buying club supporting green energy, such as:

  • to get to know other people with similar interests in your community from a social or business perspective
  • to support alternative energy suppliers because more suppliers equals more competition equals lower costs
  • to support green energy production because more renewable energy sources creates a sustainable green energy alternative to gain energy independence for us all
  • to be a part of an energy network system that is developed and controlled by the people who use the energy
  • to learn new skills, such as: starting a home-based business, using internet resources for profit, learning how to network your business, etc.
  • to help raise money for your favorite charity, your church, or an activity in which your child participates
  • to revitalize your community or local business coalition by gaining access to techniques for saving money, making money and networking individuals for common benefit
  • to learn more about energy deregulation and the environment

How do I start an Energy Buying Club?  This is simple.  The easiest way to create your own Energy Buying Club is to join an existing club. This can be accomplished in minutes, with no cost to you.  The person who has included you in his/her Energy Buying Club will want to be sure you know and understand all that is necessary in order to ensure the success of his/her club.

We recommend you have ten households or businesses to start an energy buying club, although some groups begin with fewer and some clubs set their goals much higher. Talk up the idea with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and members of charitable organizations in which you participate. Hold a meeting and describe how an energy buying club works.  Emphasize the cooperative nature of the organization. If you need more information, contact Business Connection USA LLC.

Key points to present to new club members are: The club is easy to create
and success is achievable following a few simple rules, however:

  • Everyone needs to participate and contribute.
  • Helping others not only by educating and recruiting them, but by helping them to educate and recruit others not only ensures their success, but your own.
  • The larger the club, the larger the savings, but keeping it simple and restricting it to friends or organizations with common interests keeps it from becoming work.

How do I join an Energy Buying Club? Read the information on the Business Connection USA LLC blog to learn more about your energy choice and the opportunities it provides to you.  Contact the person who has requested you to join his/her Energy Buying Club for more information.  If you have not been requested to join an existing club, contact the Business Connection USA LLC who will walk you through the steps to joining.  It is as simple as that!


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