Real earnings from fantasy participation….

Do you enjoy Fantasy Football?  Would you like to experience the competition of Fantasy Football in a new fantasy environment that also earns you money? Create a Fantasy Energy Grid to participate in a Fantasy Energy Network and earn enough to participate in the Fantasy Football League or your dreams!!!

Energy Deregulation is changing who makes money in the electric and gas industries.  It has enabled new energy suppliers and affinity energy companies to be created and although competition for customers will result in lower prices and new options for consumers, it will also result in opportunities for those aggregating customers for the suppliers.

Just as competition on the Gridiron in the NFL has given rise to Fantasy Football Leagues, Business Connection USA LLC envisions competition in Energy Deregulation will create Fantasy Energy Networks.   Just as every customer of the NFL can extend their football experience by creating their own Fantasy Football Team and managing their own personnel in competition with other Fantasy Football Teams within their Fantasy Football League, our energy customers will be able to creates their own Fantasy Energy Grid and manage its success in competition with other Fantasy Energy Grids within one or more Fantasy Energy Networks.

Business Connection USA LLC is looking for competitive individuals to help formulate the rules and scoring criteria for Fantasy Energy Network competition expected to get underway soon.  Contact us for more information as to how to explore this opportunity to enjoy the competition and the planned social gatherings while developing your Fantasy Energy Grid within our Fantasy Energy Network, destined to become another business networking opportunity of Business Connection USA LLC.

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