Have you been over-billed for energy?

Did you know the complex, multi-page utility bills that are so confusing to the consumer are actually as confusing to the utility companies, in some cases resulting in over-billing to customers?   An energy audit of a large commercial entity usually includes making an analysis of past utility bills to verify any potential over-billings.  This analysis helps to establish estimates of future utility bills as well in order to assess the possible savings from implementation of energy conservation options, installation of alternative energy systems [such as solar or geothermal] or determination of the value of other physical adaptations [such as replacement of existing lighting fixtures or light bulbs, adding extra insulation, installing window awnings, or other similar measures].  The most cost-effective strategy will always involve addressing all conservation methods for implementation before trying alternative energy systems.  Energy audits are provided by one of the members of our alliance team.  For further information, go to:


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