Purpose of This Blog

Business Connection USA, LLC has created this web log, commonly referred to as a blog, in order to establish a forum for the education of customers of Public Utility Companies regarding Energy Deregulation and the options available to them when choosing an Energy Supplier.

This blog will publish articles on Energy Deregulation, Renewable Energy, Fixed Rate contracts vs. Variable Rate contracts, termination fees, and seasonal rate fluctuations, as well as Affinity Programs able to create lower effective rates for customers and to provide Fundraising income for Nonprofit Organizations.

With the right choice of an Energy Supplier, each individual has the potential opportunity with their one Energy Choice to achieve personal Energy Independence through an Energy Network, while contributing to America’s ability to reduce its dependence on foreign oil or fossil fuels and the resulting environmental pollution attributable to both.

We hope your exploration of this site will allow you to gain the information necessary to make an informed choice for saving on your energy bill, earning from referrals, sharing your knowledge with others, and enriching the environment in which we live.  Alternatively, if you wish to merely choose a supplier that provides you with the peace of mind of a stable long-term rate for your energy bill, information to enable you to determine the factors for making that choice should be found here as well.


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