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  • FAQ lists questions and answers relative to the energy deregulation affinity plans and the networking opportunities available through Business Connection USA LLC
  • PERSPECTIVES provides information on different ways to view and implement the business opportunity provided by energy deregulation and the networking opportunities available through Business Connection USA LLC
  • TERMINOLOGY provides various glossaries published by the US Energy Administration to define specific terms used in the electricity, natural gas and renewable energy industries.

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  • TAX INFORMATION – by clicking on the link to Roy & Associates, PC the reader will be able to access blog postings by one of the business connections available to businesses participating in Business Connection USA LLC for the exchange of services, ideas and business leads.  Those using Energy Deregulation to start a new home-based business will be able to access information regarding selection of a business entity [basic form of business ownership], business registration, tax rates, business deductions, tax reform and other topics of importance to a new start-up business.  Both new and established businesses will be able to subscribe to the Roy & Associates, PC blog to receive an email notice whenever a new post is made to that blog with a link to the new post regarding recent tax legislation or changes in tax rates or tax regulations.  Subscription is FREE.
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  • AFFINITY PROGRAMS – by choosing from a list of links directly to website information of the various affinity programs available via Business Connection USA LLC for 25% green or 100% green programs for  residential or commercial customers, as well as a fundraising affinity program for nonprofit organizations and a national wind affinity program for participation by those in areas where energy is not supplied by the energy supply company with whom Business Connection USA LLC is affiliated.
  • SUPPLIER COMPARISON – by choosing from a list of state public utility websites provided for consumer information comparison purposes of energy supply companies competing in the states in which energy is or will soon be supplied by the energy supply company with whom Business Connection USA LLC is affiliated.
  • RESOURCE WEBSITES – by choosing from a list of links to websites containing information relative to energy deregulation, the energy industry, the subject or source of posts to this blog, or other topics of potential interest to readers of this blog.
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