Commercial & Industrial Energy Service

Through the energy supply company with whom we have affiliated at Business Connection USA LLC, our colleagues who have become independent representatives of the energy supply company have the capability of obtaining bids from up to 17 different energy suppliers for custom pricing of the purchase of electricity on behalf of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers whose present accounts with their Local Distribution  Companies (LDCs) are in good standing and who use a minimum of 25,000 kWh monthly.

The states and the LDCs [public utility companies] within each state where we can provide this custom C&I pricing  are listed to the right of this menu.

To provide this service, we need a copy of the C&I customer’s most recent bill for all meters and a Usage Authorization Form executed by the customer to allow our C&I Energy Solutions Specialists to retrieve historical usage data from the LDC.

The C&I Specialist will review the submitted accounts, confirm eligibility and contact the customer.  If eligible, accounts will be submitted for custom pricing and a Dun & Bradstreet (DNB) Credit check will be initiated.  The C&I Specialist will receive custom pricing details approximately seven business days after eligibility has been confirmed and will make three attempts to contact the Decision Maker of the customer within seven business days thereafter to explain the results and deliver any accepted contract to the customer for signature.

Please  speak to the independent representative who has referred you to this blog if you think your business qualifies for the custom energy pricing as defined above.