Energy Deregulation means choice.

You now have the ability to choose from whom you purchase your natural gas or electricity if you are located within a state that has adopted deregulation legislation.

Before energy deregulation, you were required to buy your energy from the local utility company.   The rates were regulated and you had no control over pricing on the purchase of your energy.

Thanks to Energy Deregulation legislation, you may now choose from a number of independent third party providers offering varying pricing and renewable energy options for individuals and businesses located within deregulated states.

To see in which states and for which public utility companies Business Connection USA LLC offers an affinity marketing program through its energy supply company in which you may participate, please reference the menu under Availability.

These marketing programs are designed to enhance customer loyalty by providing referral fees to customers who refer other customers. Links to the various affinity programs available through Business Connection USA LLC are provided on the Home page of this blog under the caption Affinity Programs.