Business Connection

Actively or passively, at some level, all successful businesses network.  Some businesses belong to networking organizations that make a science out of filling out referral cards and attending frequent networking meetings where participants must account to one another for the number of referrals made since the last meeting.  Others business owners have a few long-standing trusted business associations with others to which they make referrals based on past performance and mutual respect.

No matter the source, no matter the formality, both referrals and the ability to problem-solve are essential to the success of small businesses.  Business Connection USA LLC wishes to establish networking options and alternatives that provide small business owners an incentive and reason to meet, socialize and connect.  No dues to pay, no cards to fill out, no screening of participants to limit groups to one participant from each profession.  But social gatherings over common interests with other business people on a regular basis, in order to make a Business Connection.

Small businesses all have common problems, regardless of the nature of the business: taxes, bookkeeping, insurance, personnel, staffing, banking, payroll, IT, inventory control, stress, achieving growth, managing growth, controlling costs, finding new product lines, delegation, and finding middle management, to name a few.  From selecting the right form of entity for a new business to planning start-up costs, all the way to exit strategies for the successful business, we have common problems and need a connection to others in similar circumstances so we are not all independently trying to solve the same problems.

A social networking on a regular basis by small businesses linked through common needs and concerns, meeting in ways that allow for the exchange of services, ideas and business leads. That is the essence of the Business Connection.  Join with us.  Whether sharing your knowledge and experience or looking to learn from the experiences of others….whether looking for business partners or trying to find business leads….whether offering discounts or looking for savings…join with us to create a Business Connection.