Environmental Impact

Many of us have begun to realize the impact to the environment that are caused by the decisions we make in our daily lives.  How much pollution do we cause by the miles we drive our cars of the trips we take by air for instance?  How much pollution is created in order to deliver to us the electricity we use each and every day?  How much of an impact can we make as individuals by driving a few less miles or using a bit more electricity?  If we are careful about our choices, collectively we can make a difference!  We can take a first important step by merely becoming cognizant of our personal carbon footprint – how big is it and what comprises it?  The following link can provide you an interesting and perhaps surprising perspective on those facts: http://calculator.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx

What choices can we make to reduce this carbon footprint?   Start by choosing an energy supplier that provides renewable energy [otherwise referred to as green energy or clean energy].  At present, it costs a little more, but for pennies a day you can begin to do your part by choosing a 25% green energy product.  With this small step you may reduce your carbon footprint by the equivalent of 90-100 trees being planted or 1,500 to 2,000 less miles being driven each year on your car.  Investigate the options and you will find that you can voluntarily pay 20-50% more for your energy by choosing 100% green energy plans or participating in the purchase of energy credits that are used to increase the capacity of the US to generate more renewable energy, ultimately driving down the price of energy, and most importantly beginning to repair the damage we have inflicted on the environment.  You have a choice.  Use it responsibly!