Nonprofit Fundraisers

With the economic conditions of today, fundraising for churches, charities, schools, and youth activities has never been more difficult.  And yet, thanks to the Affinity Programs available due to Energy Deregulation, it has never been easier to fundraise.

How is that possible?  What if I told you that large organizations such as churches or high school bands or school PTOs or  nonprofit ambulance services and fire departments have the potential to easily raise $14,500 by gaining the cash-free participation of 500 supporters, each willing to spend a few minutes to switch their meters and reduce their personal energy costs at the same time?  One fundraiser! $14,500!  Accomplished within a couple weeks time with minimal participation and no one having to purchase any product or spend any money or sell any candy, cookies or frozen food products!!  What if that same one-time fundraising effort could result in an additional monthly cash flow of hundreds or thousands of dollars a month?  Our Energy Deregulation affinity program, if utilized properly, can accomplish all of that with one fundraising effort!

What if your organization is smaller, say a youth soccer or baseball team looking to purchase new equipment for the kids or fund its awards banquet?  If the team or league could gain similar support from 100 individual homeowners [less than the number it would contact to sell candy or pizzas], it has the potential to fundraise a more modest $1,500 and generate a more modest monthly income as well.

The actual results in either case depend upon the need of the organization, the size of its supporting group, and the number and most importantly the organization of its volunteers.

If your organization is going to have to undertake a fundraising effort anyhow, take advantage of the BEST FUNDRAISER EVER…brought to you by Business Connection USA LLC !!  Call us for details.

NOTE: All participating nonprofit fundraisers are required to designate at least one person to be in charge of the fundraising program in order to participate.